Off The Hook® Universal Carrier

The ultimate solution to simplifiy installation, use and maintenance of your cubicle curtains.


Cubicle Curtain Factory's silent Off The Hook® Universal Carrier is engineered to fit all track widths, small and large, while eliminating the need for carrier removal prior to laundering or missing carrier hooks.

Introducing the Ultimate Simplification for your Cubicle Curtain Needs

Clever, Quiet, Quick

  • Silently pull cubicle curtains without disturbing patients or guests
  • Fits both slim line & standard, heavy duty cubicle curtain track widths
  • Won't come apart from curtain when traversing or laundering

Install cubicle curtains in half the time

  • Curtains arrive with Off The Hook® carriers securely attached to top mesh header
  • Installs in seconds - simply thread Off The Hook® carriers through track channel
  • Strong nylon construction prevents breakage & maintains quality
  • No more missing carriers

Functional, Durable & Reliable

  • Will not rip mesh or separate from mesh header when pulling curtain or laundering
  • Throw mesh and cubicle curtain in laundry bag and wash altogether
  • Available with any cubicle curtain order - does not come standard
off the hook image 2
off the hook image 3