QuickShip Antimicrobial - Cocomo Linen

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QuickShip Antimicrobial - Cocomo Linen

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All hospital cubicle curtains meet local, state & federal fire codes, NFPA 701 certified. Unique and affordable interlocking system connects all curtains together for patient privacy & pulls as one curtain. ADVANTAGE: Individual curtains easy to replace for cleaning & use in other areas. 

Laundering: Machine wash in water not to exceed 140 degrees Fahrenheit using synthetic setting and mild detergent. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Do not extract. 30-second spin cycle may be used to remove excess moisture. Remove load immediately.

Drying: Tumble dry 3-5 minutes on synthetic cycle, not to exceed 110 degrees Fahrenheit, until damp dry and remove immediately.

Finishing: No finishing is required if fabric is re-hung immediately following drying cycle.

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