Frequently Asked Questions: Here are answers to some of the many questions we are asked by our customers when looking to order curtains for hospital rooms, surgery center curtains, physical therapy curtains, hospital cubicle curtains, blackout curtains, healthcare privacy curtains, cubicle track & more:


How do I measure?

To measure for your cubicle curtains, we need your horizontal track width and layout, and your vertical ceiling-to-floor height. We will allocate for the clearance from the curtain to the floor, as well as the spacing between the track and the curtain.


How do I know my track layout?

To determine the layout your track is or will be, please open our quotation request form and choose the style which best fits your application. 


Why do I have to fill out your quotation request form?

We make every product specific to your order specifications, without an increase in price compared to the competition. There are no 'standard' cubicle curtain or track measurements/sizes, regardless of what you've heard, which means nearly every hospital curtain ordered through us is cut and sewn specifically to fit the measurements you provide us with. We require the details of your order in writing so we can limit or eliminate any miscommunications or errors on both sides to give you not only exactly what you need, but also a standard of quality we bet our business on. We created our quote form to make it easy for our customers to get a fast and accurate price before they place their order. We know you appreciate when time and care is taken to process your request, and we ask that you please take the same time and care to ensure a positive experience when ordering with us. 


How long will it take to get my price quote?

We are happy to get your quote to you within an average of one hour of when we receive your measurements and any additional information we need to generate it. This time frame may vary depending on how busy we are: it could be less, even within 10 minutes of receiving your request, or it could be up to a few hours; however, if you haven't received either a response or your estimate from us within 24 business hours, please contact us immediately by calling 800.588.9296. We do our best to input the email and fax numbers you give us correctly, however, there could be a human error or a technical issue that has delayed your receipt of your estimate, so we ask that you please let us know so we can remedy the situation as soon as possible.


When ordering cubicle curtains, does the track or any hardware come included?

No. Cubicle curtain track is ordered in addition to cubicle curtains, however when ordering track, all components (hardware such as carrier hooks, connectors/splices, end gates and stops) are included in the price per foot. Because ceiling types vary greatly, we do not provide screws with your track or hardware purchase. Visit our cubicle curtain track page for more information, or call us at 800.588.9296.


How soon can I get my order?

The average lead time for cubicle track and hardware to ship is 48 business hours from receipt of order. Cubicle curtain orders have an average manufacturing time of 1 week. If the fabric is in stock at our facility, your order will ship within that time. Ask a sales representative to provide you with fabric options if you need your order in a hurry. Please keep in mind, most in-stock fabrics are solid patterns, and designer patterns may have to be ordered from the fabric mill. If this is the case for your order, the lead time then depends on the availability from the mill, that of which we have no control over. We do, however, have control once we receive the fabric, and then applies our 1 week lead time to manufacture your order. We also accept rush orders - please notify your sales rep if you need your order rush shipped or manufactured. Additional charges may apply.


What fabrics are available in-stock?

Our in-stock fabrics vary depending on availability at our warehouse or from the fabric mill. We do our best to update them on our website as often as possible, however for an accurate answer, please ask your sales rep or call 800.588.9296. In-stock orders can ship within 1 week from receipt of order, unless noted otherwise.


What is your average price or price-per-foot for cubicle curtains?

We do not price our hospital curtains on a per-foot basis or have an 'average' or 'ball-park' price, and the reason why is this: There are a number of variables that must be taken into careful consideration when ordering the components for and manufacturing your cubicle curtain(s), such as the price-per-yard of the fabric, the mesh (or netting) at the top, the horizontal width and vertical length required for your cubicle curtain order, the amount of fullness or 'gathering' of the privacy curtain, and the labor that goes into putting all of these components together to come up with your hospital curtain order. The only product we price per-foot is the cubicle track which includes all hardware needed for your order. Because ceiling types vary greatly, we do not provide screws.


Speaking of cubicle track, how do I install it? Do I need a professional?

Not at all! You're more than welcome to spend the extra money doing so, but it's not necessary. Not only can any handyman install the hospital curtain track you've ordered, but it's so simple, really anyone can do it with no problem at all. Take a look at our cubicle track installation instructions for a step-by-step guide to installing, or reach out to us or your sales rep at 800.588.9296 and we'll be more than happy to walk you through it.


What's the difference between a standard cubicle curtain and Simply 66®?

A standard, or what we in the industry call a 'traditional', cubicle curtain is one where the mesh netting is sewn directly to the fabric of the hospital curtain, and no snaps or alternate ways of attaching the mesh to the curtain are present. In this fashion, there is one continuous cubicle curtain hung by carrier hooks from the hospital curtain track. With Simply 66®,  there's no more searching for the hospital curtain that fits one particular track or room. The required mesh is hung from the carrier hooks and is designed with rust-proof snaps at the bottom. To the mesh, square fabric panels of your choice* are snapped on, each measuring 66" by 66" and overlapping 4", allowing for single panels to be removed or replaced if soiled while ensuring patient privacy. Simply 66® allows any facility to completely standardize their cubicle curtains, reduce inventory and, because no ladder is needed to remove or replace privacy curtain panels, eliminate risk of ladder fall from doing so. Click here to learn more about Simply 66® and to watch the demo video which explains it all in less than 5 minutes.

*Not all designer fabrics are available to work with Simply 66® without having to match pattern, available at an add'l cost.


Why should I buy my hospital curtain from you?

We know hospital curtains, so you can rely on us to assure that your cubicle curtains are the proper size and meet code.  The most obvious hospital curtain solution is to order your cubicle curtains from the experts: Cubicle Curtain Factory!  

Does Cubicle Curtain Factory have a warranty?

Yes, a one-year warranty is provided to all customers covering material and workmanship defects on all hospital cubicle curtain orders, including the Simply 66® snap cubicle curtain system.


How do I care for my hospital cubicle curtains or Simply 66® fabric panels?

All of Cubicle Curtain Factory's privacy curtains have washing care instructions on the tags sewn into the hems of the panels. Please take a moment to read them so your cubicle curtains will have a long, purposeful life. All of our fabrics used to make our hospital curtains are 100% inherently fire retardant for the life of the fabric, and cannot be washed out, as they are woven in.


Do I need mesh at the top of my cubicle curtain? If so, why?

Because we said so! Just kidding. Cubicle curtains come with mesh, or 'netting', at the top, as required by fire code, mandated by your local Fire Marshal. If your hospital curtains are being installed either in a medical facility or anywhere near fire sprinklers or an exit sign or where patients may be immobile, you are required to have mesh at the top of your privacy curtain. It's best to check with your local Fire Marshal if you are not sure whether you need the mesh or not, however, we highly recommend being safe over very, very sorry, and ensuring there is mesh added to your cubicle curtains.

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