Cubicle Curtain Track & Hardware

Cubicle Curtain Factory's industrial quality white aluminum cubicle curtain track is kept in-stock and ships within one week*. If your project requires multiple layouts or a large amount of track, contact customer service at 800.588.9296 or email us at to receive the best price possible. We offer cubicle track installation throughout the USA.  Call for a quote.

Ceiling Mounted Cubicle Curtain Track

  • White powder-coated aluminum cubicle curtain track blends well with acoustic drop-ceiling tiles.

  • Track channels are pre-lubricated with a Teflon coating, allowing for smooth movement of cubicle curtains and carrier hooks, included in track purchase.

  • All track orders include all components and hardware needed to complete installation, such as carrier hooks, connectors/splices, end caps/gates. Because ceiling types vary greatly, we do not provide screws.

  • Track can be used with shower curtains as well as hospital curtains.

Carriers & Track Hardware

We provide one of two styles of cubicle curtain carrier hooks with your cubicle curtain and track order, unless otherwise specified. These styles are pictured above from the left: #12 Rollers and #11 Glides. Breakaway carriers are also available if requested for your project. If you have more questions regarding carrier hooks, please click here or call 800.588.9296.

Track components are included with every track order, priced by the foot. This includes splices/connectors, end caps/gates (as pictured above) and carriers. Click here for more information.

Suspended Cubicle Curtain Track

Suspended Track Application

Suspended Track Illustration

  • Suspension track orders are priced per foot and come with all suspension hardware, such as carrier hooks, studs, flanges, and suspension rods. The same sturdy aluminum cubicle track is used to mount the suspension rods to the ceiling. Because ceiling types vary greatly, we do not provide screws.

  • For areas with high ceilings or obstructions, such as fluorescent lighting, preventing track from being mounted to ceiling grid

  • Suspension rods are cut to size and measure 1" in diameter

  • Click here for more information and specs on our suspended track

I.V. Track & carriers

IV Track & Carrier

IV Track & Carrier

No. 1100 IV Track

No. 1100 IV Track

IV Track Carrier

IV Track Carrier


IV Track is made of heavy-grade extruded aluminum (1-7/16"w x 15/16"h) and is available in powder-coated white or satin anodized. Because ceiling types vary greatly, we do not provide screws. 

Click on the following links for documentation on IV track installation & specifications:

Please click here to view our IV Bottle Holders.

*Average shipping time of powder-coated ceiling mounted cubicle curtain track and hardware. Not guaranteed.