Simply 66® Snap Cubicle Curtains


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The Simply 66® Snap Cubicle Curtain

Simply 66® Snap System is the original snap cubicle curtain and the highest quality ‘one size fits all’ easy-maintenance hospital privacy curtain. Choose from a full line of antimicrobial and sustainable designer fabrics

Vinyl and disposable liners are available to protect fabric panels in high-risk areas. 

Don’t forget the track! Simply 66® fits on your existing cubicle curtain track so there's no need to retrofit.

First Step: Hang the Simply 66® continuous Antimicrobial mesh on your existing ceiling track.

-No need to replace existing cubicle curtain ceiling track. All mesh will fit most every standard hospital privacy curtain track that uses carrier hooks.

-Simply 66® cubicle curtain mesh is manufactured to fit any horizontal cubicle curtains track size in your facility.

-Simply 66® cubicle curtain mesh is made to accommodate various ceiling heights in a facility.

-Rustproof, nickel-plated brass grommets placed every 6” along the top hem of the cubicle curtains mesh..

Second Step: Snap on the first cubicle curtain panel, starting at one side, until you get to the end of that privacy panel.

-For your convenience, all Simply 66® cubicle curtains panels are manufactured with small tabs that show exactly where each Simply 66® privacy curtain panel begins and where it ends.

-All Simply 66® panel cubicle curtains are made to fit ANY Simply 66® mesh top, in any room, in any facility.

Protect your Simply 66® designer fabric hospital curtain panels with inexpensive Vinyl or Disposable overlay panels for high risk areas.

-Lower hospital curtain laundry costs. Use Simply 66® Disposable cubicle curtain panels in areas where hospital curtains must be laundered regularly.

-Vinyl cubicle curtain panels give the benefit of low maintenance. Simply wipe down the cubicle curtains after every use, or as often as your facility requires.

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There is no comparison. 

Simply 66® is the industry's top choice for snap cubicle curtains for a reason.


Snap Cubicle Curtain System:

  • Can be used on most any existing ceiling-mounted cubicle curtain track

  • No ladders or tools needed to install or remove hospital curtain panels, reducing the risk of fall & installation injuries

  • Always be in code with privacy curtain fabric panels that standardize every room in your facility

  • Heavy-duty nickel-plated brass snaps are rust-proof & safe for laundering, allow for optional vinyl/disposable snap-on liners to protect designer fabric hospital curtains

  • Cost is the same as traditional cubicle curtains; Save on laundry, labor & reorder costs


Have questions about Simply 66®? Call 800.588.9296, visit or email us at and we will be more than happy to answer them!  We also offer installation services for traditional cubicle curtains, Simply 66® snap curtains and hospital track throughout the USA.            Call for a quote.  

* Please knowSimply 66® is unique in its design & formula - other snap cubicle curtain systems do not meet these standards & are not compatible with this system, although they may claim otherwise. Ask for a list of customer references and authorized distributors of Simply 66® Snap Curtain before you buy.