Cubicle Curtain, Simply 66®, Hospital Curtain Track FAQ's

Q: When purchasing cubicle curtains and Simply 66® snap curtains, does the track come with my order?
A: Track is not included in the price of your cubicle curtain or Simply 66® snap curtain (which are quoted specifically for each cubicle curtain) order, however track is available for purchase, and comes with everything you need to install with your cubicle curtains and Simply 66® snap cubicle curtains. We do not provide screws, as ceiling types vary significantly.
Q: Are all polyester cubicle curtain or Simply 66® snap curtain fabrics fire-retardant?
A: No, not all cubicle curtain polyester fabrics comply with the required NFPA 701 fire code.  However, all of Cubicle Curtain Factory's privacy curtains and Simply 66® snap curtains do meet all local, state and federal fire codes and are intrinsically fire-retardant, meaning the flame resistant properties cannot be washed out, worn out or removed from the cubicle curtain or Simply 66® snap cubicle curtain.

Q: What is the product warranty when we buy Cubicle Curtain Factory cubicle curtains and Simply 66® snap cubicle curtains?
A: Cubicle Curtain Factory has a one-year warranty on all cubicle curtain products and Simply 66® snap cubicle curtains.  This covers the quality of materials and workmanship in all of our cubicle curtains.

Q: How long will it take for me to receive my cubicle curtain or Simply 66® snap cubicle curtain order?
A: When ordering cubicle curtains and/or Simply 66® snap cubicle curtains, lead time depends on the fabric you choose.  We have a wide selection of in-stock hospital curtain fabrics.  These in-stock cubicle curtains and Simply 66® snap cubicle curtain patterns normally ship within 1-2 weeks with receipt of order. Orders for track normally ship out in 48 hours.  Once we receive a quotation request from you, we will notify you of the approximate lead time for delivery. Rush orders are also accepted, depending on our production schedule.

Q: When ordering cubicle curtains, does the track or any hardware come included?
A: Cubicle curtain track must be ordered in addition to cubicle curtains; it is not automatically included. When ordering track, all components (carrier hooks, connectors/splices, end gates and stops) are included in the price. Because ceiling types vary, we do not provide screws with your track or hardware purchase. Visit our cubicle curtain track page for more information, or call us at 800-588-9296.

Q: How soon can I get my order?
A: The average lead time for cubicle track and hardware to ship is 48 business hours from receipt of order. Cubicle curtain orders have an average manufacturing time of 1-2 weeks, depending on the production schedule. If the fabric is in stock at our facility, your order will ship within that average time. Ask one of our sales reps to provide you with fabric options if you need your order in a hurry. Please keep in mind, most in-stock fabrics are solid patterns, and designer patterns may have to be ordered from the fabric mill. In this case, the lead time depends on the availability from the fabric mill, which we have no control over. 

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